As I mentioned in my first post I am going on a trip through Europe, which I can not wait to do. One of my friends did it last year, and three of my friends left about a week ago, and I envy them so much. When the lust for traveling is big, there is a challenge just sitting still at my house in Norway. At the other hand, I know that I will be going next year when I have enough money, and I will spend it all on trains, booze, and cheap hostels.

The reason why I fell in love with the whole interrail consept was mostly because of the price, because believe me, it is really cheap. I can write briefly about what they offer, what I chose, and why.

So, offers two types of passes; global pass, and one country pass. The one country pass gives you the opportunity to roam around in one country, when the global pass opens the opportunity to travel all around Europe, except your own country (in my case, this will be Norway.)

The global pass is the most popular one, and the starting price is 200 pounds, and with this pass you can travel for a two weeks. I chose the pass where I can travel for a month, and this costs 479 euros, which is approximately 5000 nok. This is not cheap, but it is quite a good price looking at what you get from it. Travel across whole Europe for 479 euros? Yes, thank you.

Another reason why I chose this pass is because there are a lot of benefits when purchasing this pass. First of all, I get a 25% discount on the pass because I am aged 15-25, so that is really nice. Second of all, when traveling I get discounts on specific ferry companies which is an advantage when traveling across seas, and last but not least, I get a free interrail travel pack with a map etc.

I have not decided which countries I want to visit, if I could,  I would visit them all, but I don´t think that I have time for that. I probably would´ve reached many countries if I traveled fast, but I want to take myself good time in each country I pay a visit. I do not want the trip to become stressful, maybe I wont follow my travel plan at all, maybe I will just stay in a specific country a much longer time than planned because I like it so much, who knows?

But, of course, I need to have plan ready and the countries that I have on my list at this point is: Denmark (which will be my starting point, therefore, I will not spend much time here), Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Italy, and France. This is not in the right order, but these are on the list, but as I said, I am not sure yet. I will write a post when I have made a finished plan on how I believe my interrail trip will be.

Stay tuned.

Have any of you ever done the same thing? How was it?



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