Like every good album it is an intro before any of the real, and good songs starts playing. Well, I guess that this is the same thing.

On this website, or blog (call it whatever you like) the plan is to post pictures that I take with my Canon EOS 500D, my go pro, or just simply my iPhone. These pictures will all be from my trips all around the world, but there is a hatch to it. I will not be going for any large trips before next year, so for now, it will mostly be pictures from my recent trips or from my travels in my beautiful country, Norway.

This is also why I called my site for “” because well, I think you get it.

There is nothing worse than to wait for something you urge, and for me, the urge to travel across Europe is huge. This is what I am going to do next year, and I am going to do it by train. I got the idea from a friend who had done it himself, and he did it via. a site called ““. I will be gone for a month, traveling all across Europe. I will make a post about this later on, where I will go more in depth on the subject.

I hope that you will follow my site through many exciting adventures, and breathtaking pictures, feel free to comment if theres anything you would like to say!


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