City Recommendation: Copenhagen

Last christmas me, and my family took a cruise to Denmark, Copenhagen to stay there for a long-weekend. Copenhagen is really beautiful.

We went there in December, and the whole city had a christmas theme. There were bells, mistletoes and cute lightning everywhere, especially in the shopping street, Strøget. In this specific street there were all kinds of shops, and many of them do not exist in Norway like Topshop, and Abercrombie so I was extremely happy about that.


For those of you that are not that interested in shopping, take a trip on the paris wheel, in their super nice tivoli. Try out caramelized apples, and enjoy your time. There is also very pretty decorations at the tivoli, so bring your camera!

If you have money, and time there is an aquarium a cab drive away from centrum. At the aquarium it was a tunnel, so you got the opportunity to walk under where sharks, and other cool fish swam. That was quite a memorable experience, and I highly recommend it. The aquarium were located at the coast, and Denmark is well-known of its coastline, so then you can get a glimpse at that too!

Biking is also super easy because Denmark is so flat. In other words, easy to explore the city. There were bikes for rent outside our hotel, and the rent was cheap and really easy to do if you have a smartphone. We stayed at Grand Hotel, which sounds really luxury, but it is luxury for a small amount of money! I believe we stayed there for 850 NOK, which is approximately 90$-ish. For a long-weekend it´s a really fair price I think, it was included breakfast!






My city, Oslo.

I took a walk here the other day, which I love, because it is a really small city, so you can almost walk wherever you want. There are so many things to see in Oslo, like, there are all these different people, restaurants, rivers, parks, and even the ocean. The city is devided in very unlike parts; there is one place where all the hipsters live, and goes for shopping because of the amazing shops you can find there (like vintage shops!). A bit further east there are many foreign people living, and there is a good quantity of small vegetable boutiques there, and many different clothing shops which have clothes from other cultures.

If you go down to the docks by the ocean, there is really high-end with expensive restaurants, but also many food trucks which is super cool. And the docks there are super fancy, and so beautiful. I would recommend to take an ice cream here from one of the food trucks, and enjoy it while watching the ocean, but keep an eye on the seagulls, because they are known of being crazy! (they once stole my ice cream).

Oslo can also offer a huge amount of different architecture, if you are interested in that. To be honest, there is a lot to see in Oslo of course that I have not mentioned here, but that is because I have written about the things that I appreciate about my city, and notices as I walk around.

Anyways, here are some pictures I took while roaming around in the city I love!