Top 10 Travel Handbag Essentials

When traveling there is not many items you can bring, you have to pack your favorite jeans, blouses etc. Although I could wish that it was possible to travel with my whole closet, so if anyone knows how, please let me know!

Anyways, there are a few items I consider more important than others, and these are the things that I always keep in my handbag when I set out for a new adventure.


1. Camera

No matter how you put it, a camera is the key when traveling. This is how I document my trip, and keeping memories visual forever. With me I have a Canon 550D which is a big camera that takes super good photos, but sometimes having such a big camera with me can be annoying, or bit of a struggle. Therefore I also have a GoPro camera with me, which is an action camera that can take a hit, and also a dive underwater. Highly recommended for anyone who are often out in the nature, hiking, or just travels around.

2. Free 4G in EU countries

Well, in Norway where I live, I can purchase a mobile subscription which aloud me to surf the internet for free in other EU-countries, which could be really expensive if you do not have this deal. Many people think that I “kill the travel spirit” when I can surf, and be online just like home, but I do not think so myself. We live in a digital world, and I like to post pictures on Instagram, and Snapchat. Or it can come in hand when I am going to find a certain place, or other things. Come on, internet is full of opportunities.

3. Dictionary/Travel book

Okay, so this is more if you are going to a specific country, or city, if you where to go out on an interrail and visit 10 countries there would be a lot of books, which is not that practical to have in your bag. But, if you were to go out on a travel in Rome, purchase a Italian dictionary, and learn some language. Also, buy a book which has written about Rome, so you could find some cool places to see, and some nice restaurants for an example.


4. Dry Shampoo

So this goes out to the girls (mostly), and this is also kind of a “luxury” thing that I like to have with me when traveling. Like, I hate when my hair gets greasy, so I always bring a mini bottle of dry shampoo so I could feel fresh, and I do not have to stress with getting a shower, or finding one. This is of course just when I travel the big cities, not when I am out hiking mountains, or if I am in the woods, then I could not care less!


5. Phone Powerbank Charger

If my phone battery dies out, I feel lost, especially if I am in a other country. So I always have this small powerbank, which I can charge my phone in emergencies. They are not that expensive eiter!

6. Headphones + A Good Travel Playlist

This may be one of the most important things for me. I love music, and listen to music 24/7 so some good headphones, or headset is a must. Mix it with a super good travel playlist on your phone (I use Spotify, cheap and all the songs you could think about in there). When on flights, buses or in the car it is super relaxing putting on some music, and stare out the window.


7. Notebook

I like to have something to write or draw on, therefore, I always bring a notebook. Although I have my phone, I feel more creative using a book to write in, and I can customize it the way I want it, so you could call me old-fashion I guess.



8. Money

I was not sure if I should write this or not, because it says itself, but I wrote it anyways. Money is of course super important to have in your handbag when traveling, and you should think of the currency in the country you´re going to before you travel. Always have some change, don´t have all your money stacked in your bankcard.


9. A good Book

I love to read so I make sure to always bring a book or two when I am traveling. You never know when you have to wait for a flight in hours, or if you are just going to the beach. A book never fails you. If you are a youth, I recommend all of John Greens books, he is one of my favorite authors. Jojo Moyes also has some really good books.


10. First Help Kit

I know, this sounds stupid, haha. BUT, I promise you, you will not regret it. Of course it depends on where you are traveling, if you are in a big city medical help is never far away. On the other hand, if you are hiking, or are some place far away from the big cities some cleansing water, and bandages will help you a lot. One time, a friend of mine fell on a rock, and got a deep cut in his leg and we were in the middle of nowhere. Everyone panicked, then I came with my miniature first help kit, and “saved” him. Later on, everyone bought me food and drinks. Be the hero, people!

Ebay sells some cheap ones, just search for “first help kit”. That is where I got mine from.



Top 10 Islands to Visit


I thought it would be cool to make a category on my blog that is named “Bucketlist”. I first planned on doing a post about it, but then I quickly found out that there are so many different things that I want to do, and places I want to see that it would be better to split it up into different posts.

In this post, as the title says, here are my top 10 islands I want to visit!

The Galapagos Islands: 

Since I was a kid I´ve completely fallen in love with this place. It looks so beautiful, and tropic. There is also a bunch of rare animals living at Galapagos, and well, I love animals so it seems like the perfect place for me.



Well, to be honest it just looks amazing here, and there is no better place to learn how to surf. There is also an abandoned hiking track here that I want to visit, it is called “the stairways to heaven”. Many people says that it´s very dangerous, and thats also the reason why it is forbidden to hike there. But it looks amazing, and I know that some day, I will be walking those steps.


Bora Bora: 

This is a small island located in the South Pacific, northwest of Tahiti. It has these sand islets around, and a turquoise lagoon with coral reefs surrounding it. Therefore, it is a super place for scuba-diving. This is also kind of a luxury place, so I have to save some money to go here, but I will someday!



Oh my god, Bali. Known for its tropical forests that is located on volcanic mountains, the super pretty beaches, and of course, coral reefs. There are also many different temples etc. there which would be so cool to see.



You have probably heard the song, Tenerife sea by Ed Sheeran. Well, I had actually never heard about Tenerife, but I had to check it out after listening to this song. I liked the place right away, and it quickly took a place on my list.



This is a greek island, and a thing I want to do is go island jumping in Greece because my parents did when they were younger, and they don´t regret it. But, Santorini is an Island that stands out because I was here when I was younger, and I have this special love for this place, so I would love to get back there soon after all these years.



This island is located in Asia, and has the most amazing rainforest, as well as beaches. Like Galapagos there are many wild animals there like leopards.


Vancouver Island: 

From tropic islands, to a bit colder climate. This island is located in Canada, and is a popular destination for biking, hiking and camping. The wilderness there is fantastic I´ve heard, and I love to hike so this is absolutely a place for that.



Back at it again with the tropical islands… This island has amazing beaches, actually a coastline on 2.000 km. But it is also a nice place to go hiking because of its landscape with mountain like areas, could not be more perfect!


The Maldives: 

Wow. This place got the wow-factor. And I want to go there before it is to late (sadly), because of the climate changes it could be under water some day. Just imagine living in a bungalow here!!


So, that was my top ten islands! There are many more, and maybe there will be a part 2 of this, haha. None of the pictures displayed in this post are mine, I simply found them on Google, just so you know.